Downtown Providence Training (or Dodging the Suits)

yesterday was so nice out, started the day with a nice 90 minute walk on Blackstone Blvd. worked on some great sit/ intersections i will be walking say SIT to Max/Uma but keep walking and when i get to the other side of the street they are in a Sit/Stay...i leave them there for a little while people and cars go by...keep in mind that I am not the other side of the street...landscapers are working at houses..bicycles and runners go by, baby is the bes place to work on Solid commands..some folks walk out of the way to avoid them....i feel bad since they have a higher chance of getting mugged then they do then bitten with my dogs offleash...there is also so many dogs on leash but on a 10 foot leash that can very easily run into the path of a jogger and trip them...i see this often enough...worked with Max downtown Providence the middle of lunch in the financial district..worked him through his paces off leash with lots and lots of distractions, then we sat down and talked with people about dogs and dog was great..i love talkin to people about dog issues....passed out some cards and headed back to the office..spent the afternoon on some phone consultations...yes i do those as well....for my clients it is included but if you are not my client there is a sounds harsh sort of like your lawyer charging you by the minute..but i can solve a lot of behavior problems on the phone with just my voice and knowlege...came home early to spend some time in the pool with the dogs and Clover, Colleen, and Lucy..romy was sleeping and Mika is on Block Island for the summer and Olivia is in NYC...she go signed with a modeling agency and is doing well...tried to figure out how to put up video on the new success yet..but did load up my very first video on YOU it looks like i will be putting up training videos.