Saturday Night I took coco our chihuahua with us on our 6 mile night walk...i attached her to Uma and the dogs and I as well as Linda/Romy/Clover all headed to downtown Providence by way of Atwells is such a nice walk....great people....dozens of outdoor cafes...tourists walking around...and the smells of far as business it is hundreds of people can see 3 dogs walking in a great heel off leash next to me going in and out of people and tables down atwells avenue...funny thing is when its just max and uma and I no one wants to go near the dogs..but add coco to the mix and everyone stops us and wants to talk about the dogs...we went to Tazza again and wonderful Sierra took care of us...all 3 dogs lied down by the table and hung out...great place for dog owners to go...being a Saturday night it was very crowded..we were 6 feet from the there was lots of cars...lots of loud people walking by....great to see the SOLID down/stay working at its best.