Intense Distraction Training

Tonight we worked on some intense distraction training..i will post some video up in the video section of my website. Before dinner max and uma and I along with Lucy for working the camera went across the street from our house to do some bicycle distraction...I put max and uma in a down stay about 4 feet apart and then rode a bicycle around them and between them did this about 10 times and they stayed in a solid down/stay...after dinner we went to the BLVD for some off leash work...the BLVD was packed with lots of dogs and walkers/runners...max always does 100% and uma is still working on container herself when other dogs walk of the issues is that she is off leash and other dogs lunge towards her so she wants to lunge back...we need to work on her ignoring the lunging barking dogs...this is some of the most intense work...walking with your dog off leash and getting them to ignore a lunging barking dog that is on a leash.

I am so proud of max and uma..they stay so focused on the task at hand..they love to work for me...and know i have a use for that bike that i found in the is building a ramp and jumping over the dogs   its a joke folks..well sort of