Busy week

hello all..it has been quite a busy week for me as well as Max my male GSD, I have been getting a lot of aggression calls where the clients dogs is being aggressive towards other dogs with barking and lunging. So i bring Max with me to act as my decoy. Considering that Max is a very aggressive dog it is also great training for him. When I tell people this my clients are always surprised since I put him in a down/stay and I have the clients dogs walk by him and he does not move. This is what he is trained for, and he is well trained so it is great to reinforce his training.
2 great things have happened this week...the first thing is that one of my new clients have hired me to work with their 10 week old GSD puppy, what I will be doing is to help build up the dogs drive and focus at this age, which is a fun experience. We will move onto obedience as the puppy gets older

 The second great thing is that everyone of my customers is always amazed that their dogs dont act up when I am working with them. I will tell you why this happens, it is because your dog realizes that I am a very strong packleader and they are not allowed to. My precense alone does this. I realize this might sound new age or even conceited but it is a very important thing to think about...if you act like a packleader than your dog will look at you like the pack leader, if you don't act like one then your dog will be the pack leader and not listen to you, at the start of training your dog will test you, it is important that you make sure that your dog understands that you are a pack leader. How? send your dog a text message that says.."did you hear? I'm the pack leader"...just kidding, hire me and I will show you...

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