Aggression issues

This week has been a very very busy week with aggression issues, as you may or may night be aware i keep an hour a day aside to deal with my emergency aggression and bite issues where clients need to see me that day. I do this in order to to not have to cancel one of my current customers that day in order to help out the dog owner in distress because their dog has bitten someone.

This week 3 of those days  were filled up with emergency bit and aggression issues and each one of them led to a positive next step. Meaning after me coming into the home and working with the dog we all established that with my techniques practiced with the dog we can get the aggression issues eliminated and under control.

The feelings that I have gotten this week after helping all of these families under complete duress at the thought of getting rid of their dog because of aggression has been so completely satisfying to me and reminded me of why I am doing what I am doing.

Dont forget that saturday the 15th is the PARL walk at Roger Williams Park, we will have a booth there and raising money for the PARL.
I thank all of you for a wonderful week of working with your dogs in person and also on the phone.

Training w/clientsJGellman