PARL fundraising walk

I set up a booth at the PARL  walk event this saturday the 15th of September, even though we had pretty intense rain, it looked like a lot of people and dogs showed up.. I was able to donate a couple hundred books to the Providence Animal Rescue League which they in turn will sell for cash.

I met some wonderful people and dogs, I will be doing about 12 new evaluations in the next 2 weeks with the people that I met from the event. One issue is that I will have to expand my hours at least until the end of the month for my training. So I will be training from 7am until 10pm at night with no training from 5:30pm-7pm so I can have dinner with my wife and kids every night.

I suggest that if you are thinking of hiring me for training you contact me as soon as you are ready, it is going to be a very busy fall. My Vet referrals are really going well and most of these contacts are for aggressive dogs which I spend more time on.


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