Dog Walk this Sunday

I worked at the GSRNE booth at the dog walk up in Hingham MA this Sunday for a few hours. I was there to support German Shepherd Rescue of New England. What I did notice is all of the dogs out there that are not trained. This is not dogs that are aggressive but your everyday family dog who pulls on the leash or is bribed to do a simple command like sit....I feel it is important to make sure that all dogs get obedience training which has inspired me to get my training films done quicker and my training tips page filled up faster...

Las Vegas was great..i found some great new products for my website that will be up within weeks..I am looking into dealing with RAW FOOD and offering a delivery service for it..i am going ot put one of my dogs on RAW FOOD  to see how it goes..

Today was a great day to work on my website while playing with the dogs outsdiide..i did some swimming with Max and Uma and Clover and I had a great time in the pool...she climbs into the pool on her own and grabs one fo the noodles and goes right in with no fear....we have a great time swimming around...the heater went on last week for the pool to warm up for keiping clover active in the pool.