Getting ready for chicago

Next week is one of the largest trade shows in the US for the pet industry. My other company Doggy Style Designs, which designs and mfg dog tshirts will be attending. We have a booth and sell to stores around the world. I go as well to look for new items for my online store and for my training clients.

I am extremely excited for this trip though since i will be driving to Chicago with Linda, Romy, Clover, Max, Uma and Coco. We are taking the Vanagon and it will be quite the roadtrip. I will we be stopping at Rest Stops along the way and have free dog training workshops to people that are also little giving back to the community.

These last couple of weeks have been fun for training..I am involving max and uma in a lot of my training clients dogs. Since alot of my clients are dog aggressive it has helped out my clients as well...I will have a bunch of referral pages going up soon as well as more videos..i found a great video person who will filming me at clients and producing training films for me.  I am getting in merchandisefor my online store and I am working on the back end of the store to get it up...I am also coming out with my own line of training leashes which is exciting...

Thats all for now