Transporting Lex

  I am a volunteer with GSRNE, German Shepherd Rescue of New England, and on Sunday the 4th I did a transport. It was a lot of fun, it only took up 6 hours of my day and I drove 400 miles for the whole transport.

I picked up Lex who is a 3-4 year old white GSD who was found running around on the streets with his sister. Lex was 54lbs when he was found, which is about 25-30 pounds below is ideal weight. When I picked him up he was at 61 pounds so 2 weeks at the Animal Refuge shelter in Terryville, CT helped out.
I found Lex to be a great dog, extremely people friendly, dog friendly and cat friendly. He loved riding in my van and taking a road trip. I was taking Lex up to his Foster Home until a forever home was found for him..

It was such a great feeling to be part of helping Lex find a new home and both he and I had a nice time in our few hours together..I am sure I will run into him again and I am looking forward to seeing him.