Uma goes in for surgery

    I brought Uma in for surgery today on her back right foot..she has a growth on the top of her foot that would not go it will be removed and biopsied to see what is going on..the hard part for her will be the no running around for 10 days...this is with a GSD that walks 6-10 miles a day and plays intense ball a few times a day until she is it should be interesting to see how thing go. She is out of surgery and doing well, if I have not mentioned Adonis my clients 5 month old GSD puppy is with me M-F for about 7 hours a day..he travels with us to clients and hangs out at my office when I am there...he is going to be going through my intense obedience program.

I went up to Sukee kennel in Maine over the weekend to check out the place where my next GSD is coming from..I would love to get a dog from the PARL or the local pound..but I need to know 100% of the dogs history considering I have young chilcren. I think I am going to work my new dog....probably in narcotics...go into private industry to do drug sweeps.

I started with a few new clients this week...we are having so much fun together..Max and Uma are getting used to the Dog Powered is taking a little longer than I thought it would for them to get used to..I have ordered everything for my boarding cottage and I will be accepting dogs the first or second week of December.