Adonis and Rusty are friends!!!!

Adonis is a 5 month old GSD male puppy that i work with everyday...i pick him up at 9 or so each morning and spend the day with him, we train each day, socialize and he learns the law of the world.

Rusty who was rescued from PARL is an American Pit Bull Terrier who was very dog aggressive and reactive to his environment. I have been working with Rusty for about 2 months and today Paul(his owner) and Rusty went on a walk with Max/Uma and the end of the walk we went to Starbucks in Wayland Square for we were sitting down we let Adonis and Rusty slowly greet each other and they started Total Dog was great to see..mostly on the end of Rusty who has never been friendly with dogs....lately he has made much progress with Max and Uma...this is a great thing for the potential of a bully breed coming from a Rescue Organization...with training anything is possible.

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