Adonis is the Man!!!

Adonis who is one of my day boarders is doing great...we go on a great 3-4 mile walk in the morning and he is becoming a great heeler..he is doing a little off leash healing as well. He does great sit/stays when we come to intersection and I walk away from him about 10 feet and he is very solid. He is starting to do is down/stays and he is responding to the COME command from about 20 feet away...coming straight for me in a really happy mood...He has been having a really great time with Max and Uma running around the warehouse parking lot....

I have worked with a couple of boxers the last couple of weeks and I really love the breed..i find that they are really responding to my training methods.
Next week I open up my indoor training facility..i will only use this for my board and train clients as well as select private consultations.

Training w/clientsJGellman