Fool in Wayland Square

I like to think I am an incredibly patient and nice person..having 6 daughters and usually 4-6 dogs in my possession I have a pretty thick skin for what life brings me.

This morning after my morning coffee at Starbucks I just brought Max, Uma and Rusty(a 6 week board and train dog) and they were all on a triplet connector..we are standing next to the van and I see across the street a women and her little italian greyhound..we start chatting and Max and Uma are doing some growling and barking out of excitement since we are at the start of a thing I know I feel a tug on my leash and I turn to my left and some guy is pulling his hand away from Max as he lunges at him...know obviously he approached my dogs and decided to pet Max from the top and Max lunges at him.....the way Max read the situation is that this person was approaching ME and raised his hand at ME and moved towards ME and lunged at the guy...keep in mind that my dogs are always with 24-36" of me and this person was within that zone..

So....I actually yelled at the guy...."what do you think you are doing..didn't you hear them growling...and you stuck your hands towards should  always ask someone if you can pet their dog...and I am standing there with 3 very large GSD with 2 that are aggressive and 1 that is protection trained...

I worked on my dog Cottage today and dog training/boarding business has turned into a 24 hour a day job at the moment....I currently have 2 dogs that are board and training with me....which means they are with me for 6 weeks...they live with me 24/7..Squid who is a Daschund and Rudy who is a GSD...we are having a great time

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