Lady G "A training story" Day 3

Today we digressed a little..i think that by having 2 new dogs into my kennel created more stress for Lady G. It was hard to get her out of her bedroom today...I did though and we went on a 20 minute walk working on her heeling.  She still wants to flee though and looks for openings in the yard...she needs to be kept on a leash at all times..Lady G has a history of climbing out of cages and being nervous as she is it would be very easy for her to leap my 6 foot fences and get out of my property. Once she is on-leash she does much better, which is why it is important to get aggressive dogs out of kennels and out and about working with a trainer.
Lady G went after me twice today as a tried to get a leash onto I ended up using a leash to lasso her and then lead her out of her kennel. Once on leash she did much better...still very nervous though. I am not sure how much structured training she has gotten in the issue is that if you have a dog that does not get out of the house/yard much you are more apt to have a dog that can be very nervous around new sounds and sights.
Later in the day it seems that Lady G was not getting any better..and then at the end of the night she did not want to leave her kennel. I was able to get a leash on her and she actually did not want to go I took a large chance..and sat down in her kennel and just hung out with her and scratched her behind the ears....Tomorrow is another day and we will keep moving forward....