Lady G "A training story" Day 5

I am typing 1 handed Lady G got me on the right was my fault..i got too comfortable with her and started trimming her back nails, she felt a little uncomfortable and bit my right is not the pain of the sharpness of her teeth it was the pressure of her thats why i make the big bucks LOL 

Lady G is coming along..i am going to start treating her biting me as more of a "lack of proper coping skills" issue instead of a aggression issue...with this I am more in touch with Lady G's triggers and feelings..i always no when she is going to bite me, (her HUGE teeth are coming at me) LOL

I might be in pain tonight but I have good thoughts about Lady G. It has been 5 days and I have concerns about how long it is taken too her to acclimate to me.  She is a very nervous dog and deals with it with her mouth..I am being very patient with her and numerous times during the day I  am doing motivational work with her in order to start to see things a different cannot change 5 years of past behavior in 5 I  plug away...i am having fun...she smiles numerous times during the day...she is happy on her walks..she allows me to pet her, to stroke groom her...we have good times and bad...yes I am a dog trainer..but it is bigger than that...i am saving her life and trying to make Lady G the best that she can be