Lady G " A Training Story" Day 6-7-8

I have not put up any info for the last few days...but I have been working very hard on Lady G as well as all of my other kennel is full..i have 4 long term Board and Trains and 2 short stay dogs...I just hired an assistant to work for me to help out with all of my paperwork and reports and help out with my website etc..

So...Lady G is very territorial aggressive...try to walk into her kennel and she tries to take your head off....get her out and she is a warm baby....I won't disclose my method for getting her out, it is kind and gentle...and so I constantly do it over and over again until she is desensitized to the kennel...

we have been going on long structured walks and working on distraction training and pack leadership..since me kennel has filled up she has taken a few steps back......but we plug forward...she is doing is past midnight..i am up at 5....gotta go