Lady G " A Training Story" week 2 over

It has been 2 weeks since I have had Lady G, it has been a roller coaster ride for the last 2 weeks. It all started out with a nice mauling to my left arm when we first met and her attacking me every time I opened up her kennel to feed/water her. She would never come out of her kennel, so to get her to go outside to potty or for a walk I had to go in to get a leash on her. Every time I did that she would attack me fiercely. I had to leave a long line on her so I could just pull on the leash to get her out. Then I started wearing my protective sleeves and she would just bite at that when I went into the kennel. I had to wear protective gear when I walked her and worked her in my training field.

The progress we have made has been wonderful...first look at the above picture. Look at her perfect SIT. Look at her confidence, the lack of stress in her body and face. She loves working for me now. She looks forward to our training sessions.

Now when it is time for potty or for training or exercise I just open up her kennel door and call her and out she comes. We collar and leash up and out we go. Lady G is working on her distraction training on her walks, she stays in a perfect heel, when I stop she sits and I move away from her and she does a wonderful sit/stay with all of the distractions of city life going on around her.

When we are in my large fenced in yard and she is off leash I call her to me with our Recall command and she comes over to me...allowing me to pet her to scratch her. I cut her nails and I brush her out. Lady G is eating her proper amount of food and drinking her water. She has turned a corner and I am looking forward to every new day with her. I am so proud of her. Lady G you are doing so great. Your owners should be so proud of you.