Lady G " A Training Story" Getting Down to Business week 3

Now that we have gotten all of that crazy "I want to maul you to death because I have aggression issues" out of the way....we can work on training and we do it the Solid K9 Training way.

Today Lady G came along on my training sessions with 5 other dogs...So 6 dogs and I went around RI and worked with dogs...we did training exercises in Wayland square that was really helpful for all of them and then we went to my private indoor training facility. We had some great training sessions....we all played "Dog Hockey" which is one of my favorite distraction training exercises

From left to right is Lady G and then Danny(front) Rudy back and Max all the way to the right.....I move all around them with a plastic wiffle ball moved around with a hockey stick...everyone has to stay in either a sit/stay or a down/stay...this is the 2nd day that I have been working with Danny on his sit/stays and he does great....Lady G has finally gotten over her intense aggression issues and I can work her with other dogs.