My youngest client

Today was a wonderful day in a few ways...Lady G was able to join my morning 5 mile pack for the first time...i go on a 5 mile walk every morning with a select few I was with 5 of them...Lady G being one of them for the 1st time... on another note, one of my clients is a wonderful family in West Greenwich. They have a wonderful boxer named Pete and they adopted him less than 2 months ago..he has made such wonderful progress....this family makes sure that every member takes part in the training and they all love to learn...I am sure that something about the fact that they are all home schooled and their mother and father have set up such a great learning experience in all aspects of their life for them.

Tae uses all of the correct voice commands and you will notice that the leash is loose on Pete...Tae can work Pete through a Heel, Sit, Down and of course Pete Stays on all of his commands until Tae gives him another command.
With my training program even children are able command your dog, it is important that your dog understands that they are at the bottom of ladder when it comes to your family. Being the father of 6 children also helps me work and understand your kids and also I am able to set up exercises for your children so they will take an active role in the training of your dog.

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