Lady G " A Training Story" Day 23 & 24

Lady G has officially joined the pack since Rudy went back to Florida to live with his family after being with me for 8 weeks. She takes up the spot on my direct left next to Uma and Max. Today was her first walk in that position. Last night we did a nice 6 mile walk in the morning right before Rudy went home and then today we did a nice 4 mile walk with her in the pack without Rudy. She did great. Her confidence grows and grows everyday.

I can enter her kennel whenever I want and there is no aggression..i can grab her collar, pet her, hand feed her food, groom her and give her corrections without any issues at all.

Her sit/stays are solid, her downstays are solid and her heeling is awesome. Today she also hung outside with Squid and Danny 2 of the small dogs in my kennel. No issues at all. So..........check out the below pictures taken in Wayland Square in Providence...I was anywhere from 10-20 feet away while taking these pictures..we are at an intersection of 2 very busy streets..