Lady G " A Training Story" Weekend retreat

This weekend Lady G has gone back to her owners for the weekend...she has been with me for 4 weeks. She has been doing great. She is a different dog...she is happy, she runs and plays with other dogs...she runs and plays with one of my daughters  Clover, who is not yet 3 yrs old, she listens to all of my commands...she chases frisbees and balls. She is eating all of her food. I pick her up tomorrow morning (sunday), and it should be interesting to see how that goes...I am imagining that I will open up my van door and she will happily go in. I feel that she understands what is going on...she is  happy about her rehabilitation, she understands that I as well as my other dogs understand that they are helping her....Max (my personal dog) knows what his role is in the whole rehab process with all of the dogs. He is the one that help me with all of my clients dogs..many of you that are reading this know who he is...Max is an incredible dog.....below is a picture of Lady G the first week I brought her in and a picture from a few days ago..