Lady G " A Training Story" Week 5

Lady G went home for a weekend visit to see how she did...once into her old surrounding she did better on some things and the same on others. It was an interesting experiment and something I usually do not do with my Board and Train clients. When I came to pick her up we worked with her a little bit and she did revert back to her aggressive behavior of barking at me while she was in the house and I was also in the house. Ironically at the end of all of it..i grabbed her leash, she walked over to my van, I opened the door and max and uma greeted her...she gave them licks on face, jumped into the van and we drove soon as we got into my neighborhood she started to get all excited...when she got out of the van she was all excited to see everyone and played in the yard for an hour or so....she ate a full dinner and has been extremely friendly with the training did not revert back at the kennel.

So what was better when she went back home? She was able to do a proper heel around the neighborhood without barking at people and dogs, she was more focused and not as distracted. She looked much happier and she did calm down when in the house and was barking.

This morning it was storming..very rainy and the pictures below are of us working in the rain...there is a great video on my YOU TUBE page of us working this morning...the following is a link to it

Lady G working her DownStay with distractions

This went on for over 10 minutes and Lady G did great..she is becoming very social with other dogs and people....she is quite the Lady...most of the dogs around her play very aggressive with body and voice and she still does her down/stays and stays focused....I am so proud of her.