Waiting List

If you are not familiar with my private kennel it is only open to my customers. I use it for my clients that need short and long term boarding as well as my board and train clients. At the moment I have a waiting list for Board and Train so if you are interested please let me know...after the RI Pet Show on the 8th and 9th of March...i imagine the wait will be longer as many more people will find out about this service.

One of the great things about my kennel is that 2 of my youngest daughters Clover (2.5) and Romy (1) love being in the kennel. Clover like to go around to all of the kennels and say hello to the dogs as well as to give them all treats before they go to bed...the pictures below show her doing just that. All of the dogs are very gentle with her as you can see from the pictures below...also Clover knows how to behave around all dogs.

Linda (my incredibly awesome wife) and Romy (my 6th daughter) making sure the dogs don't bark at kids.

Clover passing out snacks to 400lbs of dog.

Clover passing out snacks to Topper a Choc lab

Clover passing out snacks to Lady G (highly aggressive rehab dog)...gentle Lady G that is the command Clover says

Clover passing out snacks to Tucker a black Lab

The most incredible 2.5 year old I have ever met...she is being raised around all types of dogs and learning how to behave around them with NO FEAR. Yes she is eating her snacks out of a dog food bowl. She is such a big help with my kennel and my training..she knows all of her commands in english and german already..she loves to look at my dog bites and help me clean them up...she reads stories to the dogs, and knows all of the names of them...thanks for all of the hard work Clover, I love you!!!!!