Can you say "PLAY"

I have been very sick over the last few 2 youngest have been very sick as well...the great thing about having my private kennel is that I can work with dogs without having to travel when I am under the weather. So today was one of those great days...By 4pm the dogs were all exhausted. They plopped down in the kennels and did not even move...while I was getting dinner ready no one made a peep...they all just looked up and said "oh yeah, I guess we could eat some kibble right about know"
I made another video today and posted it up on YOU TUBE
It is a great video of all of the dogs playing together, keep in mind that some of these dogs are very aggressive and do not have good play manners. The great thing about my kennel is that they will all learn to get along once they are done with their stay....even short term borders benefit from this.

I found some new kennel toys today that I ordered to try on my kennel dogs. I never put anything in my shopping cart that I personally do not try out on dogs....their is is much crap out for dogs that just does not work or it gets destroyed too fast.

I will put it up in the cart as soon as I evaluate them.

I allow dogs to play with lots of toys and not worry about fights.

its interesting to be around so many dog personalities

All big dogs and then danny a lakeland terrier

who want to chase me?