good and not so good times at the kennel

I am sick..both of my youngest daughters are you think dogs in kennel care? they don' of the dogs is not I have been up since 3:30 am with clover..she is sick....i go out to the kennel to let the dogs out for the morning poop and pee...the non housebroken dog has already eaten half his poop for I let all the dogs out into the run to go to the first morning bathroom...i am half asleep standing in the yard...and out of the blue the same dog who has an appetite for poo d'jour decides to jump up and land on my balls...yep...i've woken up now....none of my kennel dogs are allowed to jump up....this is a 10 day boarder though and has not gone through my training I limp them all back to the kennels I look at my dogs and say...."kennel dogs only" so they stop and let the kennel dogs through the fence into the kennel areas.

All the dogs are in their kennels  the music changes from channel 73 to chanell 9 (if you have Sirius radio you can look it up yourself) and I fill up water pails..the great thing about having a captured audience is that you can try out your dance moves on they liked them...i am dancing around the kennel with full water buckets and not a bark out of any of the dogs....they are looking at me with that...(who the hell is this guy filling up our water pails and should we actually drink the water).....I finish up with mornign watering and head back to the house to take care of the kids.....more later