One of the Best Days for many reasons

After a startling start to the day........we had great play in the yard....we had great training with all of the board and train dogs..they all are turning a corner with training and it is all sticking. As I get great results the waiting list gets longer for new clients wanting me to train their dogs.....another great thing about my kennel is my assistant and kennel manager...Catharine the Great...she is the one that keeps my kennels spotless throughout the day..they get twice daily cleanings and she does alot of the grunt work that it take to properly train the in order to get a dog to do the Place command you need to repeat the exercise over and over and over and over........................throughout the day.....
Catharine is the one that does it.....she also is the one that plays with the dogs all day to tire them when you  have your dog kenneled with me Catharine will not only clean up the poop but poop them out.    yes the writers strike is over.

Squid the daschund also came back for the weekend since his owner had to go to NYC for a few days....Squid has a lifetime membership to my kennel..he is a great dog..loves to run with the big dogs, does not take up much space and gives the best kisses.

lets examine this picture, now I am not a lawyer..and yes Lady G could have been trying to move something off of her butt...but that looks like some inappropriate behavior on the playground if you ask more reason why the dogs have it made at my kennel.