Snow Day

We are in the midst of another problem for the kennel dogs...some of them went on a long 5 mile walk this morning and others did a big play as well as structured training. I love training in the snow since it changes things up for the dogs..i expect them all to sit/stay and down/stay in the snow just like when we have no snow. A command is a command. All of the dogs are tired and sleeping in the kennel..i am catching up on paperwork and writing reports ..just admitted another 2 week boot camp dog while I was writing this...he is a boxer named Pete who has making great progress with his obedience training the last 2 months...he has hit a roadblock though with some dog/dog aggression he is joining  Jeffs Pack for 2 weeks to get some rehab...I have very high hopes for him and I will start a story about him as well...some pictures from this morning at the start of the snow.

Catharine sharing some love

can you guess which one of the 2 weighs 100lbs

thats my uma girl....