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As you all know I have 6 of the happiest times is sometimes in the middle of the night when I walk past each of the bedrooms and take quick peak in and see all of my daughters gives me great pride that I have with being able to be a father to them....tonight when I was putting all of the dogs to bed..and I went into each of the kennels and sat in front of each of them 1 at a time and gave them each a nice rubdown and then turned out the light..the kennel was nice and quiet...with just the breathing of the dogs breaking the slight noise of the air was wonderful.

so...what has been happening...Pete(boxer) had another boxer friend (rodney) come in today for a 1 week stay...rodney is one of my weekly clients and his owners went away on vacation...they had a great time running around together...I had a great 5 mile walk this morning with 4 of the dogs into Downtown Providence and back...we did some great distraction training  at Waterplace Park and did some distraction on medians in downtown Providence which is very distracting and had some great training..

I had a new Kennel Manager/Admin person start today..her name is Shannon and she will be helping me with running the business...actually she will be running the business so i can spend all of my time training you will hear from her soon with our weekly email blast who have not been going out weekly

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riley who was with me just for 1 night...had a great time with my pack.

Squid and romy hanging out