Clover worked hard today

Clover (she'll be 3 on the 28th of march) is spending more and more time working with the dogs. She passes out snacks to all of the dogs..she helps with distractions (if you have not seen a great video of her at work click this link)
She spends alot of time in the kennel with the dogs, which is a great way to spend her childhood..she gives the dogs lots of love but also lots of obedience is almost 11pm and I have been working since 7am and I am i am going to put a few pictures and then get some sleep..i am up in Fairhaven MA by 8am tomorrow.

Clover with Pete, who is a 2 week Board and Train.

Clover showing the love to Max(my personal dog)

Clover with Lady G (if you have been following Lady G's progress you realize how incredible this is)

Training w/clientsJGellman