getting ready for the pet show

It has been very busy at Solid K9 Training these days...dogs are coming in and going out of the kennel..I have a new kennel manager and Catharine is going to be working part time on weekends only..and I am still looking for someone for the 6pm and 9pm shift...which is the dinner and the last play time before bedtime.

The RI Pet show is coming up this weekend and I have negotiated a 3rd booth so I will have more room to speak with all of my current, former and future clients..Clover has been helping alot with the dogs....she really loves helping out and the dogs can tell that she has no fear of them so they respect her immensely. It is very inspiring to watch her command the dogs and move around and the dogs respecting her space.

I did some great Service Dog Training with one of my clients and Max, my personal Service Dog.

Lately I have been doing great morning walks daily which is a 5 or 6 mile training walk...I am up to 6 dogs at a time on these I have not had a drink for 12 years but I finally can have a 6 pack in the morning. The picture below is my morning pack milling around before the walk.