6 pack attack & Lady G goes home

I had another 6 pack attack this morning...6 dogs....6 miles and we had a great time....the great thing about living in a urban area is that most of my train and board clients live in the suburbs so all of the distractions of a busy city are great for training...these dogs get rock solid with their heel, sit and down/stays..

We have a great time on our morning walks...I do not allow people to pet them..some of the dogs are aggressive and other dogs get to excited and they can start to fight between themselves...which reminds me the guy who came over and petted the dogs after I told him to stay away.......your finger came out in one of the dogs poops today...if you want it back..it is on ice..and you can give me a call....LOL

I just found out today that I am going to be doing all of the obedience demos at the RI Pet Show this weekend..with 1 days notice...the person that used to do the demos for the last 13 years canceled today...so that is exciting for me..

Getting Ready for our morning walk

Wow!!!! Thats a lot of dog.....