Re-Pete, Pete

Pete a boxer has been a client of mine for the last 2 months..he has come along way since being adopted by his came to the point that he had a slight aggression issue when going by some I felt it best if he spent 2 weeks with my pack...Pete did great..he became a wonderful greeter, a great player and was always very obedient and respectful of me and the days into boot camp while working with a clients dog at a park doing a basic training routine that we have done numerous times before he started biting 2 weeks he went home for the weekend and then came back....and I have been working with him again for the last 2 days..i am putting him in very long downstays...doing long walks and trying to get him to bite me some more...i will be taking him to clients training sessions this week so I can get him to bite me some more so we can work on it...

Pete working hard with Max and Uma

Pete working hard and staying warm with max and uma