Big Big Big News...saving lives every day!!!!!

As of today I am working with the Providence Animal Rescue League. I take dogs from the PARL to my private kennel and rehabilitate them and enroll them in a 2 week training boot camp. I will work with these dogs in order to get them adopted out faster...each dog will benefit from my $1350.00 2 week program at no charge to PARL or to the potential person or family adopting the dog...So......I will always have at least 1 dog in my program and sometimes 2 goal is to always have a dog each week ready to be adopted out..this will mean I will be hopefully saving the lives of 52 dogs a year.

You will be able to see the progress I make by checking on my blog each day. I encourage everyone to sign up for my auto updates so you will get an email whenever I post an update..

My first dog is Bella, she is a female shepherd mix color of silver/gray weighing in at 42lbs....I am going to work on basic obedience with her, heeling, sit/stay, down/stay, wait, place and I am going to work her around my 2 youngest daughters age 1 and 3 so she can be socialized and learn how to behave around children..i will put up photos on my website and videos on my youtube account....she has been doing great on her first day with me...very sociable..responds great to training..loves to run and play.

Bella plays well with others...with max and uma.....they just met 5 minutes ago..Bella did well with playing with both dogs....has OK social skills...i will get them to be great in 2 weeks.

Bella is a wonderful dog that is going to need someone who can give her lots of activity, exercise and obedience work. She wants to make you happy and listens very well....this is only the first day..