Like Mr. T says " I pity the Fool"

I pity the fool that does not adopt Bella....she is beyond incredible and I will adopt her if no one else does..she is not going back to a shelter if I can help it...she is doing can see from her pictures she is taking to training really well..

 A family contacted me about a dog issue they are having, they met me at the Pet Show last weekend..I went to their house and realized they had a son who has some special needs..after talking to them for a while..i felt that the dog would make a great Service Dog for them...they enrolled into my basic program but once that is done the will most probably not have the finances to turn that dog into a Service Dog..I am willing to donate my services at this point and get the dog will take a while...I also have a family that is going to be in need of a Hearing Dog and they are going to get one from will be a 10,000.00 am going to donate 100% of the profit I make on my Dog Food Sales (Lifes Abundance) to go towards all of my PARL, NEADS and Service Dog work....


pete and bella in a long downstay                                               bella in a proper heel position

Bella working on her downstays on a table...very helpful when going to the vet and/or groomer

Bella is doing great..make sure you keep following Bella to find out how she progresses