First day with Risa and Levi

It is just before dinner time, I thought I would take a break in training before dinner and then heading out for more training. Risa and Levi did great today...they had some great play (which I do  when dogs first come into my program) Then I put 1 dog at a time onto a leash and start working the dogs around the yard while the other dogs are playing..we do heeling, sitting, down, stay and is casual but intense at the same time...we do it in 10 minute increments and then they go back to over the course of 1 hour they can get 30 minutes of training. It feels like play though to them and I have found it to be very helpful. The dogs also get to learn good social skills in meeting other dogs and playing with them.

Levi (above) and Risa (below) learning the Place command on Day 1

Levi, Risa and Squid waiting to go back into the kennel for dinner

I have also decided to keep Bella, she is a great dog, though with lots of energy that will take a special owner, and I am up to I will be moving her to max and uma's room at night and then I will bring in another dog into the kennel to rehab....the next dog moving in for 2 weeks is Max a beagle who has some behavioral issues. I saw him today at PARL, he is under a year old and I feel that he will respond well to my training program.. I will put up a posting on my adoption page over the next 2 days or so.