Jeff the Pickup Artist

Today was a high mileage day on for me. I picked up 2 new Train and Board clients....first Risa in Tiverton and then I had to go to NYC to pick up Levi...a daschund....Risa has been working with me for about 3 weeks and her owners went out of town so they used the time to enroll Risa in a 2 week boot camp....I am going to work her hard with all of the basic commands and since her owners live on the water I am going to train her to climb up a ladder which simulates her climbing out of the water onto the family dock.

The second dog is Levi a 5 year old daschund...he lives in the upper west side of manhattan and has an aggression issue...the owners heard about me and insisted that Levi go with I drove the 3 hours to NYC and picked him up....within the first 5 minutes he bit me 2 times...oh least I know what to start working on...I got home about 11pm...long day and I am very tired..i also did my usual sunday training schedule with my clients...the kennel is full again...I am tired...I will put some pictures up tomorrow of the new dogs..

I am going to start working hard on my training videos and podcasts since so many people have been contacting me and unfortunately some of them do not have the funds to hire this will be a good way to get my training system out to as many people that I can..Every day..more and more people are joining up on my blog in order to follow what is going on with SK9T..thank you..i appreciate the interest...well..time to do some misc. paperwork...tommorow I will put up lots of pictures