What Recession

so...today i hired another kennel assistant that is going to help in th kennel and with learning my training methods..I now will have the kennel staffed from 7am-7pm 7 days a week...which is awesome....the dogs will get that much more play and that much more training. All of the dogs will get much more training which will greatly improve my training system. I will then be able to also work on my podcast and training DVD's.

I have been getting some great new clients in all different parts of New England. My 2nd PARL dog comes in on friday, his name is MAX he is a less than year old beagle who has already had a very hard life..I am looking forward to rehabiliating  and training him.

I am in the process of adding 2500 sq feet to my outside play/training area...it will have hills and tunnels for the dogs to play on as well as an obstacle course for the dogs to run around on...even the most timid dogs have been having tons of fun in the outside play area....

My kids are all doing well..Romy is walking around like crazy these days..she loves to run up to the windows and look for dogs. Clover is doing well with her potty training...I am so proud of her. All of the older kids are doing great....Mika has gotten into NYU as well as a bunch of other colleges...she is still waiting for her answer from Brown.