Kids to feed-Dogs to feed

This morning Linda had to go to 2 of my daughters school to deal with some issues with them. So...after making some award winning pancakes for Romy and Clover we all headed out the kennel to feed the soon as Romy's feet hit the floor of the kennel and the dogs all started barking in excitement Romy could not stop running around and laughing...she loves all the noise .....loves all of the dogs....has no fear of anything...

Clover was in charge of putting all of the food bowls into the kennels...some people think this is should not have children around dogs when they are eating...I am just he opposite....all of the dogs are below my kids...even my kennel dogs who do not live in my do they know this...well I am the pack leader and they just know...therefore, Clover and Romy are above they would not dare be aggressive toward them...or I would kill them with my bare hands...sound mean and crazy...oh well....that is why I have well trained dogs..they respect me.....have I ever had to kill a dog with my bare hands...NO....will I ever....hopefully not...but the dogs know that I will and they behave around me....this is one of the many reasons why I am succesful...I am never abusive to any of my dogs...I don't need  to be...dogs respect me 24/7.

clover getting ready to feed Bella

Clover monitoring 1)rate of intake, 2)portion control and 3)eating style

Risa waiting patiently for her breakfast

Rosy who weighs at least 150lbs waits for her food as Clover sets it down

As Clover waits to feed Levi another daschund Romy screams with delight

More excitement from Romy..she was running around the kennel going from dog to dog...she loves working in the kennel with her big sister Clover and her Papa...the dogs are always gentle with her when she approaches the kennels
I feel very fortunate to have my children able to work with dogs everyday..not only are they learning about hard work, but they are also learning about dogs.