Max has arrived!!!!!!!!!!

Today I picked up Max from the PARL, he is a less than year old Male Beagle  with lots and lots of energy. He will be ready for adoption on April 4th 2008.

So what can I tell you after spending 3 hours with him.

Max has come to me totally "green" meaning untrained. He pulls on the leash, does not know any commands and is out of control with energy. All of this will change in the next 2 weeks.

I put him in with my pack immediately and he had the time of his life...he is a great greeter, a wonderful player, dominant when he needs to be and submissive when he needs to be....he does not start any trouble and loves to chase and be chased...he has dynamic play skills.

My recommendation already is for a family that can handle a high energy dog with a fenced in yard and has another young dog for Max to play with. Keep in mind that Beagles can run all day long, that is what they are breed for. They need to be exhausted both mentally and physically at the end of each day.

Max will go through my intensive 2 week SK9T Boot Camp and come out of it well behaved.

clover playing with Risa, Squid and Max (PARL dog)

Bella, Risa, Uma and Max having a GREAT time!!!!!

Bella (last weeks PARL dog which I adopted) and Max (this weeks PARL dog) did not stop playing for over an hour, nonstop running around the yard. I am so proud of both of them. Currently I have 4 dogs at my kennel that come from animal rescue leagues and shelters and they are my best playing dogs...nonstop running around with great social manners and no dog/dog aggression at all.