Sunday Funday

No TV for Clover, she helps train and rehab dogs that are in my kennel. Clover is a very important in my training program. In order determine if dogs are friendly with children....i need to have a child play with them, poke them, chase them, be chased etc...Clover knows how to interact with these dogs, how to keep them from jumping on her and how to work with them so being with children will be a positive experience. I love you Clover, thanks for all your help everyday.

Easter Sunday was  AWESOME!!!! I had a 7:45am-8:45am client today and then my other 5 regular Sunday clients took today off because of the holiday. It was very sunny today and we spent the whole day outside. Training and playing and just hanging out. All of the new dogs started their training programs and it was incredible to see how within 24 hours these energetic out of control dogs where reeled in and where doing heels, sits/stays and the place command. I took over 100 pictures today. Clover was awesome today. not only did she help with meal time but she did a great job with training outside. It is so incredible to watch 4 shelter dogs get along great with her. It also hit me that when you see a dog in a animal shelter it is like seeing a dog in prison and you do not see the real dog, you do not see the dogs personality.

I am going to put up lots of photos up was a great all fell into place...all dogs where running around today....oh if anyone wants my job...feel free to come over at 6am and clean up the kennels...did I mention 2 dogs had diarea. In order to proper clean the kennels it takes at least 30 minutes to clean each one in order to get them properly cleaned and sanitized.

clover always in the middle of dogs

Pepsi, Clover and Max having a great time rolling in the dirt

Clover going dog fishing...

Levi in PLACE

Max working on the PLACE command

Max the beagle who will be ready for adoption on the 4th of April plays with my Max