Buy your own bags A##HOLE!!!!!

I need to vent a little.

If you know anything about me you know that I get up at 5am and end my day at around midnight, you know that I have 6 daughters, you know that I have my own private kennel that I always have full of 6-8 dogs that I am training and rehabilitating. You know that I am a at home trainer going to 4-6 clients all over NE daily.

You also know that I do a lot of pro bono work equaling about $50,000 a year at training value. Well you might not know that I also buy and donate poop bag dispensers and have them at dog parks around RI and I keep them stocked with poop bags...I do this for no costs me about $2500 a year to do this and hours of my time. I have a small sign on each dispenser with my company info and instructions to call me if the bags run out.

So I get a call on my voice mail today from some guy who pretty much called me an ass for always letting the dispensers go empty at the Gano Street Dog Park and that I should leave more bags in other dispensers that belong to the city as well as mine so they do not run out. He was really mean and condescending, it was from a blocked number so I could not call back and have an educated discussion. I would have picked up the phone but I had to let it go to voicemail since I was with a client. It was a 72 second message that had nothing but negativity in it.

To the person who called me I apologize that I did not get it done today...when I came home from clients at 10pm tonight and then I did the last bathroom out for the kennel dogs and the last cleaning of the kennels..came inside and walked to each of the kids rooms and looked at them as they slept...came into my room and looked at my wife sleeping...then sat down to write this as I realize that I did not spend much time with my family today...sorry sir..i will get the bags tomorrow first thing in the morning. I don't mind supplying the bags...i don't mind paying for the bags...I don't mind spending the time to go and fill them up...what I mind is your shitty attitude and your sense of my a favor...why dont you go out and Buy your own bags asshole!!!!