Outdoor Expansion

I met with a fence company today to reorganize the flow of the training and play yard. This will allow better flow for all of the dogs, isolating a pee/poop yard, exercise area with hills, tunnels and jumps as well as an enclosed deck and water source.

Linda is excited by this since then the kids can have a specific area for a sand box and swing set structure. The pool is scheduled to be opened at the end of April. This is early for a pool but the dogs don't need it to be 80 out to go swimming.

I took Bella to the vet today to get a good check up and to have her little fight wounds looked at...she did great..and she is officially mine. She did great at the Vets office and they all know what I do and were excited to know that I saved another dog.

Bella does great in the car and is so comfortable with me. Levi is doing great with his obedience work...he is very active with the other dogs...i put him and squid in the same kennel (they are brothers from 2 different litters) and it has made things great for both of them...

Max(beagle) has calmed down a lot and loves her obedience work..she is quite the player and is doing really well..she does not bark a lot for a beagle....I am getting some interest in her for a new home..but the people do not have a fenced in yard or another dog and I think this is the best situation for her..


     Levi working on Heel

Max doing a great down (ready for adoption April 4th)

Risa learning to climb a ladder step #2

risa learning to climb a ladder #1