Horses and tigers oh my!!!!!

Well at least the horses....I have another new client that started this week and she lives out in Oakland, RI (who knew). She lives on 31 acres and has 2 miniature horses along with her GSD Nicky. So Max and Uma had a great time running around the property and interacting with the horses.

  uma and max had a great time today with their new horse friends

Max also did some service dog training with one of my clients and her service dog Aria. We worked at the Providence Place Mall again...tons of escalator work, lots of food court distraction work and going into stores and working on proper positioning with dogs while shopping

Max and Aria at Newbury Comics, they are not allowed to look at each other or sniff each other while they are working

         Max and Aria in the candy aisle of CVS

Today was another long day...the nice thing was I did get to meet Linda, Romy and Clover at the Nordstrom Cafe for lunch after my mall training....Max also loves it there.