Bella is in the house

Bella is officially part of my pack. I adopted her on friday and paid for all her expenses at PARL and got all of her paperwork. Today we started working inside my house with my kids...both Clover and Romy have grown up with dogs. Bella needs to learn to stay put in a spot in the house either through a downstay or the Place command. Today she worked on her downstays in the kids playroom while Clover read books to her and Romy.

Clover reads a book to Bella as she is in a downstay.....notice how Bella is on a leash...yes..she is training...keep your dogs on a leash when training them...Bella loves to be read to....and Clover loves to read books to her.

Romy smiles for the camera as Clover picks out another book to read for her and Bella..sorry about the bad quality of the photos it was taken by my phone....whenever Bella got out of her downstay...Clover would grab her leash and say NO and give it a little pop and Bella would go back into her downstay...Clover mimics her Papa all the time it is great to watch...Bella responds so well to Clover

Romy all of 14 months is going for Bella's leash as she heads out of the playroom...even Bella is responsive to the kids commands.....Bellas is a great dog and she has only with me for a few weeks..what a great rescue dog she is..PARL has great dogs...please go check them all out PARL