Lady G is baaaaaaaak!!!!!!

Lady G is back for a 1 week boarding along with her brother from another mother and father...Gunnar. I went to pick her up and they went right into the van and along with my 3 dogs there was no barking and just lots of face licking and happiness....once I was about 1 mile away from the kennel Lady G started getting really excited which made me very happy. The last time I saw her was at a training session at her house and she took a HUGE chunk out of the back of my leg, so I left the leash on her for the first 30 minutes or so in case I had to grab her and get her teeth out of my epidermis.

I went to a great new client in Newport today...she is in the military and just came over from Italy along with a wonderful ex protection GSD who needs a little fine tuning but is such an awesome dog...i can't wait to continue working with both of them.

Romy was such a hoot today....hanging out with Bella in the kitchen..she is getting really mobile and Bella is doing well with her.

Someone is looking at Max(the beagle) tomorrow to adopt him. I am bring him by PARL to meet the couple. I am hoping for the best, he continues to do great with his training.

   Lady G and Gunnar arriving 30 minutes prior and fitting in just fine


   Lady G and Gunnar meeting the gang....and doing just fine.

Uma and Bella having a great time...this went on for 30 minutes...of course Uma got it in the end...she has a grip of steel...

So...did I tell you I am going to be at the Greater Chamber Business Expo this May 6th and 7th at the RI Convention is a business to business show with mostly business owners from all around NE. I am excited for that...

time to finish up my dog chores and then try to get a few hours of sleep...