Girl Fight

Just 2 quick pictures that I shot over the weekend..i usually shoot about 200 picture a week in order to have plenty of photos for my blog and website...Bella and Uma are both intense dogs...they have such HUGE drive...the below pictures are not of a fight and no dog was bitten.....Uma who is protection trained bites with her rear teeth as she has been trained to do...this way she can bite and hold....Bella though is biting with her front teeth and she is biting down on her own mouth and tongue and that is the blood you see...they went on for this for quite some time....Uma never lets go..she just clamps down and no matter how much Bella tried to shake her off, she does not let go.

Bella has been doing great with my family...she travels with me daily to all of my clients and has been doing well with her obedience work....