I made a mistake

I had my first complaint today....I made a mistake and this is my public apology. Obviously i will not mention any names other than mine. I had a dog stay for 1 night and 2 days a couple of weeks ago. During the course of the 2nd day in the afternoon the dog suffered a dog bite during some play..it was not a fight..just some rough play at some point...right before pickup I noticed it..cleaned it up put on antibiotic cream and told an employee to advise the client of the bite...the client was never advised and the next day i got a call and explained what happened...so...obviously if you take your dog to daycare or a kennel or whatever and you are not advised of a bite you would be upset...the client took the dog to the vet and I picked up the bill of course...however this does not replace my lack of communication.

if you have housed your dog with me in the past you all know when there is a injury or even a sick dog how well I communicate to all of you...I dropped the ball on this one and for that I apologize.

Jeff Gellman
Solid K9 Training