Romy is beyond incredible...

Romy my 6th and youngest daughter at 15 months old has started playing and working with all of the kennel dogs in the play/training yard.  Ironically I have many clients that have children and they have issues with the family dog jumping up on the kids and nipping/biting the kids. I would like all of the kids to come to my kennel to learn how to work with the kennel dogs, some who are very aggressive would never think of every bothering my kids can go wherever they want in the with any dog toy that she wants to and never worry about any harm coming to them...i will post up some video is incredible to watch all of them interact with her.


Romy working on some training with Tucker

   Romy is the leader of the pack

 Who wants the KONG.....romy is great at sharing toys with the dogs...she goes around the yard looking for toys to give to the dogs.

Romy taking a break from dog play...she spent about 90 minutes with the dogs today...running around the yard as well as just playing in the dirt...Romy has a wonderful connection with the dogs and it is great training for the dogs to be around children.

  Romy climbing up a dirt pile in the yard..she got nice and dirty this morning...

  Clover showing Romy the ropes...both girls were great the dogs lots of training and interaction

  Romy trying to figure out who let the air out of the soccer ball