Sell your jewelry, splash in the ocean and other thoughts

2 weeks ago I had a client who only had a budget for 1 visit with me...I usually do not only do 1 visit since I feel that the client will only benefit from a few lessons at a minimum...well..her big issue was she wanted her dog to come to her when she called her dog in the I met her in the woods and we worked for an hour...I showed her my techniques to get your dog to come back to you when off leash in the woods...and by the end of the hour her dog was coming back to her even with other dogs the lesson she was in shock and told me when she gets more funds she will do more lessons with me... i get a phone call....and that particular clients was on the phone.......she came up with the money...she found a bunch of old gold jewelry and coins in house that she did not want and with the price of gold she sold them and came up with enough funds for me to do a short 1 week boot under your couch pillows...look in your jewelry boxes and cash in your trinkets and get some dog training .

Today was awesome I did some great recall training in the ocean...i have a client who has a great house on the water with a huge private back yard and private beach...her issue is her dogs don't come back to her....lets in the ocean or come inside the you see the was great...i brought max, uma and bella along for the training as well as her 2 dogs...they are staying with me for a 2 week boot camp...we spent about 2 hours on the beach and her backyard working on recall training to much success...

Max is officially back he is available for adoption can go to my website to the dogs for adoption
and take a look at him...he is a great dog..i want to see him go to a family with either no children or familes that have had dogs in the past and the children know how to be around a puppy who still has nipping issues.

                Max,Uma, tucker and topper  enjoying the ocean after finding some balls

         Racing out to get the lone ball in the was great to see them all dogs spend almost every day of the summer in the water...

the view from my clients house....the dogs will be able to come back to the house from all the way on the other side of the fence in the water...which will be about a 1/4 mile away...

  Fargo and his posse...he is having a great time with his training..another rescue dog that will be a great success story