Fenced in but not kept out

Wow...who knew I had so many readers of my blog.....by 5am I already had dozens of people emailing me about my injury and wishing me well...thank you all so much for your kind words..I am fine..i missed a few appt. last night but other than that I am doing fine...I feel no pain at the moment so that is good...i changed the bandages tonight..and it looks pretty cool...seems to be healing fine.

Today was the first day with the new fencing arrangement and it is going to work out great...more dogs in the yard under control since we can put some dogs in a smaller yard and then a majority of the dogs in smaller yard...also Pepsi is working out great and has not been showing aggression for quite some time..I am keeping him away from Bella who he has always had a problem with..but he is doing really well with al of the other dogs and even acting very submissive with most of them...Mini Max is his best friend and they get along great....so what does this mean....I don't know..but worth a thought...


  Hey...this wasn't here yesterday...what's going on Romy says

  But this pile of dirt was...so i have no choice but to play with the dirt''

Romy and Clover spent a good amount of time in the training yard today acting as distractions...at night Romy had the chore of giving the dogs nighttime treats...keep in mind that Romy is only 15 months old. She LOVES dogs and they all lover her...nothing like seeing a 110lb dog gently taking a little liver snack out of her little hand.

  Romy and Cosmo discussing the texture of the liver snacks

Romy and Clover and Sasha (who is up for adoption) look in the yard for stuff

  fargo and jake working on sit/stay

I started this last night..but fell asleep because of the painkillers..so i am late putting this up....I know how important all of you feel about my blog...I have fans all over the world at this point...thank you all for following me and my training and life...i really am flattered at all of the emails that I get from all of you...